Design and Installation of Insulation

Now, innovative thermal insulation solutions are appriled more often along with the traditional ones. They allow for higher rates of efficiency and safety of the construcred facilities and manufacturing systems compared to traditional methods.

Installation of insulation is one of the primary services that we render. We do heat insulation for residential and nonresidential premises, industrial buildings. We guarantee the quality of our work as per the standards and regulations. In some cases to increase longevity and efficiency of thermal protection, waterproofing is required. We bring it to the notice of our customer, chose methods and materials corresponding with customer’s financial possibilities, and assigned tasks.


What pipeline heat insulation is for

Pipeline heat insulation is for

  • To protect from freezing, and from adverse impact of the environment;
  • To reduce heat loss;
  • To increase the pipeline service life due to minimization of service requirements.
Properly mounted heat insulation system increases the service life and minimizes costs. Open areas of the pipes cause their freezing and further breakage. Accident situations are exceptionally undesirable during the cold time that is why it is better to forewarn the problem and to protect yourself from possible faults in the system.


Requirements to heat insulation materials

Heat insulation materials shall have

  • Low thermal conductivity factor (the lower the factor, the higher material properties);
  • Resistance to moisture to prevent from metal corrosion;
  • Protection from condensate;
  • Fire protection system;
  • Resistance to high temperatures;
  • High electrical resistance;
  • Resistant to the impact of the environment.

We work only with modern materials recognized for higher heat insulation rates, resistance to adverse chemical and physical impact. Enquire with our company, and you will get quality services within the shortest possible time.

For advice and prices, please address our experts, who are aware of specifics of the installation. Leave your request, and our experts will contact you.
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