Industrial Concrete Flooring

Industrial concrete flooring by Avalon TTT. Avalon TTT experts perform quality concrete flooring for workshops, garages, and wharehouses. We guarantee the quality, service availability, and prompt customer’s visit by our experts.

Facilities requiring increased loads in operations require reliable floors – industrial concrete flooring. They are used in various general-purpose industrial buildings. They will work for hangars, garages, warehouses and workshops. Particularly they will fit areas intended for the storage of food products, and chemical production. Reliable composition will stand all proves advantageously.


Industrial concrete flooring have the following features and advantages:

  • Concrete is a cheap and reliable material;
  • It is functional: Technical characteristics of the floor fully complies with the purpose of the premises;
  • Resistivity to aggressive substances means a lot due to specifics of many production organizations;
  • Simplicity of installation: The flooring can be poured quickly without using any special equipment;
  • Resistivity to high loads that do not damage the surface and do not change its features.


Concrete flooring can be a self-consistent floor coating, or can be used as a base increasing operating feature of the main coating. Specific features shall be considered to prevent from various problems appearance:

  • Cement grade should be high to ensure that the coating is strong and reliable;
  • Concrete shall be coated with polymeric substances to prevent from chemical damage;
  • Additional reinforcement with strengthening plasticizers will make it more reliable.

For the concrete floors to serve longer, use professional services of our company. We will make you quality concrete flooring within the short time. We offer mutually beneficial cooperation.

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