Avalon TTT performs pipework of any purpose. Skilled experts will provide professional services in installation of water supply pipelines, oil and sewage pipelines considering the needs and wishes of the customer.

The company does key-turn pipework providing for highly professional performance of full range of activities with further commissioning of the objects. We lay pipeline, carry out all associated works in compliance with all requirements of codes, and SNiP requirements. We do pipework using certified materials and field proven technologies.


Pipework is carried out in several stages

  1. Installation Work We use metal-reinforced plastic pipes and other materials. We lay gas pipelines, oil mains, and build other types of structures.
  2. Heat insulation. Reliable heat insulation is required to reduce heat loss in the system and increase its efficiency. We use many various materials to provide for this.
  3. Installation of supports. Installing reliable supports is required in cases of the external assembly of pipes, as the system is to bear significant weight, resist external forces and vibrations and mechanical breaks. The supports can be movable and fixed. Options are selected based on the specifics and purpose.

We possess a park of modern heavy equipment.

  • Drilling machines;
  • Assembly equipment;
  • Excavators;
  • Loaders;
  • Bulldozers.


To install process pipelines we provide for the following

  • Land is developed preserving main transport routes, existing service lines, plantations, and landscape;
  • Construction object complies with project design documentation and estimations fully;
  • Works are carried out with tight deadlines;
  • Construction territory is maintained in good order;
  • Safety rules are observed strictly;
  • Installation schedule plan agreed with the customer is followed strictly.

We offer reasonable prices and provide for reliable grantees of the construction and installation work quality. We offer solutions complying with customer’s needs and financial opportunities in the best way possible.


Types of pipelines

Depending on their purpose, systems can be Process pipelines (deliver the product to the destination point), and discharge pipelines (used in the drainage systems, sewage and water passage).

Depending on their assembly type, they can be Underground, aboveground, floating, and underwater systems. The choice of pipeline system construction method depends on the character and complexity of conditions at site and during the exploitation process. Decisions are made based on the comparison results of the performance parameters for the installation diagram.

Depending on the type of the product, they can be:

  • Pipelines: Supply of pipes to facilities and localities;
  • Gas pipelines: Gas delivery to the areas of consumption;
  • Oil pipelines: Oil pumping to the destination points;
  • Air pipelines: Compressed air supply to the industrial facilities.

We also work with various vapor and heat transfer agent supply systems to different places of use.

Entrusting the calculation and assembly of the pipes to professionals you can expect that the structure is reliable and longevous. You can also be sure that the means are distributed and spent rationally.

We assembly industrial, power, and utility pipelines for fair price. We accept orders any time.
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